Your tenants cleared out — but they left personal property, vehicles, and live animals behind. As a rental property owner, you need to remove the contents quickly so that you can rent out the space to a new resident. However, if you don’t proceed with caution, you could risk legal action. When it comes to Eviction and Abandoned Property Auctions, it’s important to work with a certified auctioneer who can ensure all proper steps are taken, and help you avoid any legal claims. At Thomas Hayward Auctioneers, we’ve conducted Eviction and Abandoned Property Auctions in almost every state in the country. We understand the complex laws and policies necessary to ensure your auction is completed properly and successfully, in the legally required “commercially reasonable manner.”

With more than 25 years of experience conducting auctions, we have established time-tested procedures to handle your auction professionally and profitably. From obtaining unbiased property valuations, to submitting the proper notices, to attracting the right audience to your auction through strategic marketing, to conducting the sale and collecting and processing funds and records, to providing DMV Lien services and Vehicle Verification service, we will take care of every detail of your eviction and abandoned property auction.

When auctions involve health care related items, additional legal requirements must be met. Thomas has handled auctions involving hazardous materials, biohazards, bio-waste, used hypodermic needles, human waste, radioactive materials, controlled substances, alcohol, tobacco, illegal items, human remains, burial ashes, and medical records, while adhering to HIPAA requirements regarding the confidentiality and proper disposal of healthcare and related records.