Bring excitement to the stage for your next event with self-storage auction expert and world-renowned auctioneer Thomas Hayward. An experienced public speaker with classical bid-calling skills and more than 25 years of industry experience, Hayward has been featured on the Auction Hunters TV show, as well as a wide range of public speaking engagements.

Crowds will be entertained by his unique stories and anecdotes from the auctioneering business, told in a relaxed style that makes learning about the business more fun and interesting. From discovering surprising treasure-troves of jewelry or coins in abandoned storage units, to auctioning off a luxurious corporate jet directly from the tarmac, to bringing in a hip-hop DJ for an auto auction, his tales from the trade will inspire bidders and auctioneers alike. Tom can also craft presentations about the impact of online auctions on today’s auctioneering crowd, including helpful hints and tips to avoid potential legal problems.