The demand for Subasta Auctions, or auctions conducted in Spanish, is growing across the United States — and as savvy sellers know, it’s easier to communicate with buyers when you know how to speak their language. Thomas Hayward Auctioneers is one of the few companies in America with extensive experience performing Spanish-language auctions. We have conducted successful Subasta Auctions across the United States, in Puerto Rico, and in Mexico, for corporations, small businesses, and individuals.

Of course, in order to successfully sell goods in a Spanish-speaking marketplace, one must understand more than the language. It’s also important to understand the cultural differences that make Subasta auctions so unique. Thomas Hayward is an experienced auctioneer who cares about the communities in which he works, and takes the time to get to know the people he serves personally. With more than 25 years of experience conducting Subasta auctions, he has a clear perspective on the Spanish language market, and brings unique insights into the best ways to reach your target audience. At Thomas Hayward Auctioneers, we also use a wide variety of marketing techniques to bring the biggest crowd possible to your auction. From placing ads in Spanish-language newspapers and websites, to sending E-mails and direct mail marketing pieces to our extensive mailing list, to conducting calls to prospective bidders, we will go above and beyond to ensure successful results at your Subasta auction.