Door-To-Door Storage (Los Angeles) Foreclosure Auction

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Door-To-Door Storage (Los Angeles) Foreclosure Auction

This is a self-service storage facility lien sale public auction of foreclosed goods for Door To Door Storage

Began: 04/19/11 at 10:00 AM PDT
Location: 8580 Mercury Lane, Unit B, Pico Rivera, CA 90606


DATE: APRIL 19, 2011 at 10:00AM

Property belonging to Tabitha Jalomo, (unit#(s), (19257, 37351), Tamra Pica, (2857), Louis Spidalette, (19252, 14732, 26187), Stacy Riccelli, (45887), Edwina Bennett, (7636), Carol Harper, (23713, 1859), Mark Dunnett, (24773, 7945), Janet Hitchcock, (5518), Carmen Thomas, (40449), Lisa Zide, (39119), Alex Alvarez, (25517, 10721), Giovanni Agnelli, (14725), John Spadaro, (39070, 13312), Catherine Brown, (15540, 28166), Wanda Pineda, (36443), Rick Kvassay, (7802, 7899, 39514, 39882, 719), Robb Bennett, (1842, 2974, 40017, 35705, 43575, 9838), KESHA PETTWAY, (24, 296), CORDELIA MURRAY, (131636),RON RAMSEY, (72843, 73398), Brinson Kelly, (4315), LYDIA VALDEZ, (8738), TRACIE L. EDWARDS, (9126), THOMAS O’DELL, (12739), RONNI TAYLOR, (10829, 13650, 14286), ROBERT ARNETT, (9659),GEORGE PARKER, (74022, 80642),SONTA MARCELO, (9856), CATHY AUFDEMBERG, (427, 2018), LINDA SOLIS, (132508, 47630, 10032, 25059), LINDA LETHIN, (6071, 49396, 129167)DEBORAH STOCKER, (9456), CHANTRAE RENEE MOSLEY, (7046, 80671), RICHARD T. CORONA, (49612), JOAN DOHERTY, (14098, 14107, 14108), Dianne Whitfield, (2141, 4430, 24018), Susan Hammon, (500, 50687), Ernie Navar Jr., (827, 73802, 164423), Martha F. Garcia, (9061, 11093), ROBERT ARNETT, (24195), Yvonne Beisner, (1819, 7743), Jaime Jones, (9896), Derrick Manning, (45100), Joellen Perrin, (35550), Cesar Cintron, (36937), Dervon Rembert, (47593), Hiromi Thetreau, (33322, 17274), Leonard Filner, (35654, 33017, 11836), Carla Baker, (23393, 132266, 23231, 23813, 185727, 73954),Mark Hill, (20825), Aram Shahinfard, (46561), Denise Gatewood, (32114, 9837, 7320, 7996, 11008), will be sold by live public auction (verbal bidding) on APRIL 19, 2011 STARTING AT 10:00AM, at DOOR TO DOOR STORAGE, INC., 8580 Mercury Lane, Unit B, Pico Rivera, CA 90660. Goods were neither packed, loaded, nor inventoried by Door to Door Storage. General description of the goods likely to be sold: Household, business or consumer goods, namely personal effects, china, furniture, clothing, books, glass, silverware, electronics and stereo equipment, tools and similar items; but actual contents, condition, and quality are unknown to Door to Door Storage, Inc. Persons under 15 not admitted. Photo ID is required for bidders. Only cash or credit card as payment. Bidder Registration begins at 9:30am. Viewing begins at 10:00am, and bidding begins soon after. Each container is 5 ft W x 8 ft L x 7 ft H. Auctioneer: Thomas Hayward, Bond #15185.



The goods to be sold are stored in large sturdy wooden containers. The containers are 5′ wide, 8′ long, and 7′ high. The contents of the containers, all of which were loaded by the customers, are unknown to Door To Door Storage. However, the usual type of goods in previous sales were business goods and home goods such as furniture, beds, clothing, kitchen appliances, books, and the like. Occasionally, yard tools, power tools, and machine parts are in the containers. The quarterly auctions usually have between 40 and 50 containers.

Site Phone 562-801-8347 Bidders can check in as early as 9:00am; however, the storage containers which hold the goods to be auctioned will not be opened until 10:00am. Upon check in, you will be required to read the Conditions of Auction and sign in. You are required to show photo ID for proof of identification. If you have a valid Reseller Certificate, you are required to bring it or a copy to show upon payment for any purchased goods(s). The auction is a live public auction with verbal bidding. Payment is by cash or Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express (we have an electronic authorization terminal so we can give you an immediate receipt). Personal checks are not accepted. Texas auction License AUCTNR00014059, State of Georgia Auctioneer license AUNR002956, California Auction Bond A1566

Thomas Hayward Auctioneers


6167 Jarvis Ave., 286 Newark, CA 94560

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