Box-n-Go Portable Storage – Unpaid Storage Lien Auction

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Box-n-Go Portable Storage – Unpaid Storage Lien Auction

Contents Unpaid Self Storage Units

Contents of Unpaid Storage  (i.e. Storage Units, Containers, Lockers) 

Began: 04/25/18 at 10:00 AM PDT
Location: 5934 E. Slauson Ave, Commerce, CA 90040


Welcome to Box-n-Go storage auctions scheduling page. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in public storage auction of foreclosed storage goods. All of our auctions are conducted at our Commerce, CA facility at 9534 E Saulson Avenue, Commerce, CA 90040.

We recommend checking in about 30 minutes to start of the storage auction. this way you will have a sufficient time to register, read and sign the storage auction Terms and Conditions and present your Resale Certificate if you wish to use one.

The goods being sold are stored inside large wooden crates or containers. Each container measures 5’ wide x 8’ long x 7’ tall. The contents of the containers have been packed and loaded by tenants and are unknown to Box-n-Go, however, the goods sold during previous actions included furniture, beds, clothing, appliances, books, tools, etc.The condition of each unit is the same as the one left by the tenant. Each tenant may have a single or multiple units that may be offered for sale as a lot or individually. Usually we have anywhere from 10 to 30 units being sold at each storage auction. The auction is a live public auction with verbal bidding. Payments are accepted in cash only.

Box-n-Go reserves the right to reject any and all bids, at it’s sole discretion for any reason. Further, Box-n-Go reserves the right to cancel the auction or any portion thereof with or without notice. 

Auctioneer Bond #MS1614605 State of California 

Unpaid Storage Auction (Just like “Auction Hunters” on Spike Network “Storage Wars” “Forbidden Storage” “Storage Hunters”  “Storage Wars Texas” “Storage Wars Canada” “Storage Wars New York” “Lock & Sold”)

NOTE: If you have any questions please call or email. Do not make assumptions. If you are making a long drive call to confirm that all the information is correct.  Any auction may be canceled due to settlement made between owner and obligated parties. The sellers are NOT in the auction business, they want to collect their debt. 


The items being sold through this auction storage were foreclosed upon by Box-n-Go in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Box-n-Go Non-Negotiable Storage and Moving Services Agreement. To the best of our knowledge the above goods are not subject to any liens other than those already imposed by Box-n-Go. The Box-n-Go auctions are live public self storage unit auction with verbal bidding subject to the these Terms and Conditions. The bidder expressly agrees to these and any additional terms as may be attached hereto and announced prior to the auction.

Box-n-Go reserves the right to refuse the bidding privileges to anyone who fails to follow these terms. Box-n-Go is the sole arbiter of any dispute arising as a result of the auction or the Terms of this self storage unit auction.

1.    The goods subject to this storage auction are stored inside large storage containers. Each container measures 5’ wide x 8’ long x 7’ tall. The contents of the containers have been packed and loaded by tenants who resided in Orange County or Los Angeles County, CA and are unknown to Box-n-Go. The condition of each unit is the same as the one left by the tenant. Each tenant may have a single or multiple units that may be offered for sale as a lot or individually. The padlocks on the unit(s) subject to auction sale will be removed by Box-n-Go immediately before the items viewing during the auction sale. The entire process may be videotaped by Box-n-Go authorized personnel.

2.     All bidders are required to complete and sign-in form prior to being allowed to participate in the storage units auction. When you buy storage units, you will be required to make a security deposit that will be held by Box-n-Go until the container(s) purchased by the bidder during the storage unit auction are emptied, swept clean, and inspected by Box-n-Go representative.

3.    Box-n-Go reserves the right to reject any and all bids, at it’s sole discretion for any reason. Further, Box-n-Go reserves the right to cancel the storage locker auctions or any portion thereof with or without notice. All bidders agree that the goods owner (the tenant) has the right pay off his debt and to redeem their property and stop the sale until the time it is finalized. For the purpose of storage units auctions, the sale is considered finalized when:

(a)    Box-n-Go been paid by the successful bidder the full amount of the winning bid placed. Goods shall not be removed form the containers until the bid amount is paid in full in certified funds only (cash, money order, credit cards). Any amount owed, but not paid, including any penalties assessed as a result of the bidder not following the rules of the auction as stated herein, will result in revocation of the bidder’s right to take possession of the goods won at the auction. Further bidder agrees to pay all reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses incurred by Box-n-Go or its agents should services of attorney or collection agencies be required in the enforcement of the Terms of this auction.

(b)    Successful bidder starts removing the goods from the container(s) won during the action. For the purpose of storage facility actions, bidders are not allowed to start removing the contents until the end of the entire auction as determined by the auctioneer.

4.    Bidder agrees that all the bid amounts do not include the sales tax. Bidder is solely responsible for any and all such tax amounts unless a reseller’s permit is provided to Box-n-Go personnel prior to the start of the auction.

5.    Bidder agrees to place their own padlock on each container won during storage shed actions immediately following the award. Such lock shall remain on the units until the time when the goods are allowed to be removed from the containers as per above. Box-n-Go, LLC is not responsible for the contents of any containers once the sale been finalized and will not be securing any containers with Box-n-Go seals or padlocks. If bidder does not have a padlock, one can be purchased from the Box-n-Go representative.

6.    Bidder agrees to return to Box-n-Go, LLC, in an adequate box, any personal papers, pictures, birth certificates, etc., found among the goods purchased. These personal items will be held at the storage facility for the customer for whom the storage lien was enforced. If personal effects are not delivered to Box-n-Go, as requested above, bidder therefore acknowledges that there were no personal and thereby assumes full liability and agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Box-n-Go, LLC, its’ owners, officers, managers, employees and auctioneers (as listed below) against any claims made regarding the personal effects.

7.    Bidder agrees to carefully inspect the goods purchased at storage building actions for illegal items, such as drugs, guns, etc., before leaving the facility. Bidder agrees that once all the goods are in the bidder’s possession, they assume full liability for possession of any illegal items.

8.    Bidder agrees to return to Box-n-Go any Box-n-Go Storage equipment that may be found among the goods, such as dollies, moving blankets, furniture pads, etc.

9.    Bidder agrees to remove ALL the items from each of the container(s) won during the auction by 6:00 pm on the day following the day of the auction. Any bidder having containers at Box-n-Go past that deadline will be charged a fee of $2.50/container/day.

10.    In the event that the goods have not been fully removed from the containers and/or the containers were not broom swept, bidder agrees that Box-n-Go may, in it’s sole discretion and without notice to bidder, dispose of any remaining contents left in or around the container(s) and bidder may be charged the disposal fee. Bidders are not allowed to use the Box-n-Go waste receptacles.

11.    Bidder agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Box-n-G, its’ owners, managers, employees, agents, landlords and other parties affiliated with Box-n-Go from and against all claims, damages, losses and liabilities, cost and expense (including attorneys fees and costs whether or not arising out of third party claims, including, without limitation, claims brought by any other auction bidder or Customer of Box-n-Go) as a result of or arising out of:

(a)    bidder’s purchase, use and/or disposal of the goods subject to this self storage online auction, including any defects in such goods.

(b)    any personal injury, accident, damage, loss or disturbance or any other form of injury or damage (tort or otherwise) incurred or sustained by any person or entity, whether disclosed or not, that may occur on or near Box-n-Go premises during the or immediately following the auction.

12.    Bidders wishing to pick up the items won during the auction on the day other than the day of the auction must schedule the date and time when they are planning to do so. Box-n-Go requires a minimum of 2-hour notice to prepare the containers. Bidders can notify Box-n-Go of their plans by calling (877) 269-6461. For a fee, bidders wishing to have their units delivered to them can schedule such a delivery with Box-n-Go representative.

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