Cannabis Growing Facility – Hydroponics & Related Equipment

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Cannabis Growing Facility – Hydroponics & Related Equipment

Cannabis Growing Facility –  Hydroponics & Related Equipment

Began: 11/10/17 at 4:20 PM PST
Location: Address To be Posted, Carson City, NV 89701

Cannabis Growing Facility –  Hydroponics & Related Equipment. Link to inventory and bidding. 


As New Cannabis Grow Facility Hydroponics Farming & Gardening BULK LOT AUCTION! 

Cannabis Grow Facility Hydroponics Farming & Gardening AUCTION! (Facility located in Carson City, NV 89706)

Auction Ends Friday at 4:20 PM

 Horticulture equipment is usable for stainable hydroponic greenhouse farming or just medicinal and recreational marijuana cultivation


High Intensity Lights, Digital Ballast: Phantom 1000w dimmable, Phantom PHE 400 * Hydroponic Lights: Emperor 1000 MH, Plantmax 1000 W, Hortilux, Xtrasun, Raptor Lights, Fluroscent lights * Fans * Bins * Water & Air Pumps * Power Cables * Racks * X-Buckets * Hoses * Spray Handles * Sprayers * Carbon Filters * Duct Clamps * Plastic Bins and much more…!!!!


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Thomas Hayward Auctioneers


For more information:

Carl Carter, 205-823-3273


Cannabis grower equipment being sold in auction ending at 4:20 p.m. Friday

CARSON CITY, Nevada (Nov. 7, 2017) — Now that it’s legal to buy recreational marijuana in Nevada, Thomas Hayward is hoping pot’s popularity is creating demand for equipment used for growing pot. That’s because Thomas Hayward Auctioneers is conducting the first auction of cannabis horticulture equipment since the state’s legalization of weed in July.

“A local licensed cannabis growing operation and dispensary has retained us to sell a grow facility of equipment in an online auction, which will end at 4:20 P.M. Friday. Many will note the significance of the ending time. We wanted to make the ending time easy to remember,” said Hayward.

Nevada’s legal dispensaries sold $27.1 million worth of marijuana in July alone, producing $10.2 million in tax revenues for the state, according to the Nevada Department of Taxation.

“The Department of Taxation projects that the state will generate nearly $120 million from taxes from marijuana over the next two years, so it’s already becoming a huge, lucrative business. Obviously, that will translate into a higher demand for hydroponics farming and gardening systems, as well as related equipment for growing it. Of course, horticulture equipment is also usable for sustainable hydroponic greenhouse gardening as well,” said Hayward.

The auction includes high-intensity lights, hydroponic lights, fans, bins, water, air pumps, power cables, racks, X-buckets, hoses, spray handles, sprayers, carbon filters and other items.

“Many of the items are new and have never been used,” Hayward added.

A complete list is being published at www.ThomasHaywardAuctioneers.com. Those seeking additional information may call 888-255-7633, he said.

Thomas Hayward Auctioneers is a leading auction and asset disposition company that provides custom-tailored asset disposition and auction services to corporate clients.



Bins Dimension Gallon Description Quantity Xtray Grow System 27″ L x 27″W x 14″ H 25 White, with cover 0 Active Aqua 38.5″L x 33.5″ W x 12″H 40 White, with cover 11 No-Name unknown 8 White, no cover 3 Botanicare 2 x 4 unknown White, no cover 3 Humbolt Wholesale unknown unknown White, no cover 6 Xtray Grow System unknown 4 in, 10 cm White 5 Botanicare unknown 40 resevior White, with cover 1 Botanicare unknown 40 premium White, with cover 4 Botanicare unknown 18.5 Black, no cover 10 Botanicare 4×4 unknown Black, no cover 2 Humbolt Wholesale unknown unknown White, no cover 8 Unknown unknown 65 Black, no cover 4 Botanicare 4×4 Lt unknown Black, no cover 1 Total 58 Brand Description Quantity Xtreme Garden Products 6 pot expansion module 3 Xtreme Garden Products Pot with holes 933 Xtreme Garden Products Pot without holes 906 unknown pots pots 90 unknown saucers green and black 348 unknown mini pots small and black 94 unknown mini saucers black 97 Total 2471 Digital Ballast Phantom II 1000w dimmable 60+ 2 Phantom PHE 400 4 Total 64+ Power Cables Quantity triple circle prong 50 slant prong 121 lock and seal extension 152 Total 323 Water Pumps Description Quantity Small Grey 27 Small Black 24 Small Blue 6 Small Green 2 Large Tan 2 Large Unknown 2 Total 63 Air Pumps With Stone Quantity 1 prong 3 2 prong 18 4 prong 1 defected 4 Total 26 Pump Housing Description Quantity Pump housing black 23 Total 23 Racks Quantity Description White 8 Black 5 Expandable closet rod 1 2 tier rolling rack in box 1 Total 15 X-buckets Quantity Small 10 Medium 10 Large 2 Extra Large 0 Total 22 Black Storage Cabinet 1 total 1 Filing Cabinet 1 total 1 Hose Quantity small black 1 small green 1 medium black 1 xs green 1 xs grey 1 large green 1 large black 1 medium grey 1 large red 1 medium seafoam 1 medium green 1 medium black 1 large black on wheels 1 Total 13 Spray Handles Description Quantity Yardsmith nozzle green 1 Bonaire Ultimate water blaster gold 1 Meinor small watering wand yellow 1 Meinor large watering wand yellow 1 total 4 Lights Desciption Quantity Emperor 1000 MH in box 1 Emperor 1000 HPS in box 5 Plantmax 1000 Watt 2,000k in box 9 Plantmax 1000 Watt 2,000k out of box 8 Plantmax 600 Watt 2,000k in box 4 Hortilux Blue 1000 Watt in box 2 XtraSun 1000 Watt 2,000k in box 2 XtraSun 1000 Watt 2,000k out of box 1 Raptor Lights 115 raptor lights in box 2 Fluroscent light 2 long bulbs 6 smaller grow light 4 Fluroscent light 8 long bulbs 4 Noctex light black with cables 4 Total 167 Scale Desciption Quantity Citizen cz 1200 scale out of box 2 Total 2 Sprayers Desciption Quantity Homecom Green, 18 Liter 1 Greenwood Clear 4 gallon 1 Rainmaker Clear, 3 gallon 1 HDX Clear, 1 gallon 1 HDX Clear 2 gallon 1 HDX clear, 2 gallon w/o handle 1 Solo Clear, 3 gallon 1 Unknown clear with blue font, 1 gallon 1 Solo 1/2 gallon, small 1 Total 9 Food processors Braun 2000 ml, 70 fl oz, 8 cups 2 total 2 Carbon Filters Description Quantity HDX household carbon filters, 2 pack 1 DuPont sealed carbon wrap, 2 pack 3 DuPont not sealed carbon, individual 3 Duct Clamps Description Quantity Active Air steel duct clamps out of packaging 230 Active Air steel duct clamps, 8 inch in packaging, 2 pack 16 Active Air steel duct clamps, 8 inch out of packaging 8 Total 254 Industrial Frame Desciption Quantity Industrial cooling Y metal thing small 10 Industrial cooling Y metal thing large 8 Industrial cooling I metal thing large 1 Total 19 Plastic Bins Brand Description Quantity Unknown clear, large 20 Unknown clear, small 11 AkroBins white, large 6 AkroBins white, medium 7 AkroBins white, small 9 AkroBins white, extra small 10 AkroBins olive, medium 8 AkroBins red, medium 6 AkroBins yellow, medium 4 AkroBins blue, medium 5 AkroBins green, medium 7 AkroBins red, small 5 AkroBins blue, small 3 Total 101 Paint Description Quantity Paint Carboguard 890, part A 12 Paint Carboguard 890, part B 11 Total 23 Drum Description Quantity 55 gallon drum blue w/o nozzle 3 55 gallon drum black w/o nozzle 2 55 gallon drum black w/ nozzle 16 Total 21 Bucket Description Quantity Bucket blue with pump 1 Bucket blue with no pump 6 Bucket tops with filter black 6 Bucket tops w/o filter black 1 Total 14 Pressure Tanks Description Quantity Pentair Pro-Source Plus Tank large, blue 2 Steel Tank large, steel 1 Total 3 Fans Description Quantity Lasko Fan Black 20″ 21 Lasko Fan White 20″ 2 Lasko Fan Stand Up 1 Dura Breeze Black 1 Honeywell Fan Black 8 Honeywell Fan White 5 Active Air White 6 Durabeeze orange 1 unknown fan pink 1 unknown mini fan black 1 Indstrial fan large 1 Total 48

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