Pods Containers Unpaid Storage ASHVILLE CANCELED!

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Pods Containers Unpaid Storage ASHVILLE CANCELED!

Contents Unpaid Self Storage Units


Shenandoah Valley – Contents of Unpaid  & Delinquent Storage Pods Branded Containers

Began: 09/20/17 at 1:00 PM EDT
Location: 144 Caribou Road, Asheville, NC 28803

PODS – (Portable On Demand Storage) www.PODS.com

The contents of the PODS branded containers, all of which were loaded by the customers, are unknown to PODS. However, the usual type of goods in previous sales were business goods and home goods such as furniture, beds, clothing, kitchen appliances, books, and the like. Occasionally, yard tools, power tools, and machine parts are in the PODS. 

This Unpaid Storage Auction is (Just like “Auction Hunters” “Storage Wars”  “Storage Wars Texas” Storage Wars New York” “Storage Wars Canada” “Forbidden Storage” “Storage Hunters” and all the rest. 

Thomas Hayward Auctioneers also conducts   – Contents of Shipping Sea Containers (over-sea containers on Cargo Ships) Contents can have unclaimed, undelivered or broken  (Insurance Claim) cargo Just like “Container Wars” that takes place in a commercial shipping port

NOTE: If you have any questions please call or email. Do not make assumptions. If you are making a long drive call to confirm that all the information is correct.  Any auction may be canceled due to settlement made between owner and obligated parties. The sellers are NOT in the auction business, they want to collect their debt. 

Bidders can check in as early as 1:30 PM; however, the storage containers which hold the goods to be auctioned will not be opened until 2:00 PM. Upon check in, you will be required to read the Conditions of Auction and sign in. You are required to show photo ID for proof of identification. If you have a valid Reseller Certificate, you are required to bring it or a copy to show upon payment for any purchased goods(s). The auction is a live public auction with verbal bidding. Payment is by cash only. Personal checks are not accepted.

Thomas Hayward Auctioneers


6167 Jarvis Ave., 286 Newark, CA 94560

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