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Thomas Hayward Featured as Guest Speaker At California Moving & Storage Association’s San Joaquin Valley Chapter

Posted February 23rd, 2015 in Auction News by Valerie

Thomas Hayward, one of the nation’s leading expert on Moving and Storage, was a featured guest speaker for the California Moving & Storage Association’s San Joaquin Valley Chapter. The February 19, 2015 presentation included information about enforcing a warehouse’s lien and a variety of other subtopics.


With over 25 years experience in the industry, Hayward’s expertise ranges from all things legal of the warehouseman’s lien process to procedures which ensure litigation prevention-including how to maintain a commercially reasonable auction sale which complies with state and federal UCC codes.

According to Hayward, all parties involved can feel confident that all proper procedures will be followed, all auction details will be handled appropriately, and you will obtain the maximum value from each auction item, while avoiding potential legal problems. Hayward believes in taking care of your customers — and that means taking care of your bidders, too.


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Burt Reynolds Memorabilia Auction Brings Oddities To The Block

Posted December 11th, 2014 in Auction News by Valerie

Burt Reynolds and Loni AndersonPhoto credit: Alan Light / Foter / CC BY

A large auction of Burt Reynolds memorabilia recently completed. And while a Burt Reynolds auction might be as exciting to you as a Justin Bieber charity auction, there were some quite interesting pieces that crossed the auction block. According to Business Insider, Reynolds wanted to put his items up for auction because he doesn’t have room for everything anymore. Reynolds also cleared up rumors about his tabloid-fodder bankruptcy and penchant for plastic surgery, saying neither rumor was true and that he just wanted to share his world with his fans. We picked out some of our favorite odd items from Reynolds’ auction to share with you:

Florida State University Construction Hat – Burt Reynolds calls Florida State his alma mater, so apparently he received a personalized construction hat at some point during his career. A good gift for those Seminoles fans in your life – as long as they don’t mind that it’s been on Bo “Bandit” Darville’s head.

Burt Reynolds Nameplate – Think of it as an early April Fools’ gift for your favorite co-worker. Swap out his or her nameplate with Burt Reynolds’ and try to convince everyone new in the office that Burt Reynolds is really the name of the person sitting at the desk. Fun for days.

The Old Burt Reynolds Rolodex – Not only a financial investment, but also a time investment. Who wouldn’t want to scroll through and see if the numbers for Loni Anderson and Dolly Parton still work?

Voided American Express Card – We scratched our heads about this one. Sure it has Burt Reynolds’ name on it and his handwriting on the front from the word “VOID,” but this might be the craziest thing up for auction.

Mounted Brown Bear – Scare your friends and family the next time they come over for game night when they see the mounted bear in your living room. You can either make up a story of how you defeated the bear with your bare hands or won it in a Burt Reynolds auction. Either way, they will wonder if you’re telling the truth.

Drunken Thank You From Katharine Hepburn – Pretty self-explanatory. Burt sent Katharine a bottle of whiskey, she drank the whole thing, wrote him a thank you soon after, now you can relive that special moment.

Hundreds of items went on auction from Reynolds’ personal collection, and most went for more than the appraised value. Not bad for a random assortment of items.