Thomas Hayward Earns Auction License for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Thomas Hayward, nationally known celebrity auctioneer, has earned his auction license for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Hayward has a national reputation in many different auction types and this license allows him to expand his auction travels further.


To receive an auctioneer license from the state of Massachusetts, Hayward had to submit a thorough application along with a bond form, a copy of his certificate from a Massachusetts-recognized auctioneer school and an application fee. Additionally, Hayward had to be familiar with the nuances of Massachusetts auctioneer laws.

Hayward is known as the market leader storage lien auctions, but has a great deal of experience in a variety of auction types and settings. Hayward is also regularly featured on the Spike TV show Auction Hunters viewed by millions. He is looking forward to returning to Massachusetts with his new license to perform auction duties for the state.