Thomas Hayward Travels the Country for Auctioneering

Thomas Hayward, celebrity auctioneer, has been traveling more than ever for auctions. From storage auctions to charity and fundraising auctions in the past months Hayward has traveled clear across the country from Wyoming to Florida! Hayward has truly found a career that has fulfilled his life, mixing his passion for auctioneering with his love for traveling, exploring and trying new things!


Auctioneering across the country has given Hayward the opportunity to meet new people, expand his knowledge and grow even more as a professional auctioneer. Thomas Hayward is a strong believer in being passionate and pursuing a career that you can truly enjoy. It is very evident that Hayward takes his own advice. To view his upcoming auctions, please visit his auctioneer calendar on the website. It is very likely that Hayward may pass through your state, so keep an eye out!