Real Value for Your Real Property

Maximize your profits and minimize the hassle with Real Estate Auctions by Thomas Hayward Auctioneers. Our auctions guarantee the highest true market value for your property within an accelerated "Date Certain" timeframe, bypassing the delays and uncertainties of traditional real estate sales.

With our comprehensive Real Estate Auction services, there's no waiting around for offers or negotiations that could potentially drain your resources. Instead, you're in control—you select the auction date, and we handle every aspect of marketing and selling your property from inception to completion.

We deploy a multi-faceted marketing strategy that includes listing your property on our website, targeted direct mail and email campaigns, newspaper advertisements, strategic signage, proactive phone outreach, and search engine marketing, ensuring maximum visibility and attracting a diverse pool of qualified buyers to your auction.

Rest assured, our services extend far beyond marketing. We provide expert valuation, compile due diligence packets, draft sale terms and conditions, coordinate inspections, conduct title reviews, fulfill all legal obligations, and ensure strict compliance with local and state regulations throughout the auction process.

Our expertise covers a wide spectrum of properties, including residential single and multi-family homes, commercial/industrial spaces, condominiums, time-shares, acreage, agricultural land, marinas, shopping centers, restaurants, and more. Whether you're liquidating a private residence, farm or ranch land, or commercial or bank-owned properties (REO/foreclosures), trust Thomas Hayward Auctioneers to deliver unparalleled exposure and achieve the highest selling price for your valuable asset.